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Schools that require job placement

New york times has a great series on colleges that require job placement as part of the experience. Job Requirement – New York Times SCHOOL-supported stints in the workplace have become as familiar a part of the undergraduate world as bleary-eyed cramming for finals. While on most campuses such spells are optional, more than 125 […]

another reason to study psychology

Jerry Yang just won 8.25 million dollars playing poker. Jerry’s profession: Clinical psychologist and social worker. Yang credits his professional background for his winning. Mindhacks has an interesting take on whether psychologists make better poker players: In other words, psychologists were better at understanding how people actually behave, as opposed to how they should behave […]

Primary sources

Primary sources is a great collection that bills itself as the Psychology in the New Millennium! Presently it contains 19 classic experiments often used in IB psychology: 1. Behavioral study of obedience by S. Milgram   2. Positive reinforcement produced by electrical stimulation of the septal area and other regions of the rat brain by […]

gay or straight; nature or nurture

60 Minutes has a fascinating exclusive on sexulaity. It is provoking a lot of responses such as: THIS IS BULL!!! IF A CHILD IS TREATED LIKE THE OPPOSITE SEX THAT IS HOW THEY WILL CONTINUE THEIR LIFE. or Thank you for this segment and for putting it online. If being gay is not a choice […]

Guide to psychology blogs

PsyBlog has a great annotated list of psychology blogs: PsyBlog | Psychology Blog: Guide to Psychology Blogs – Part 1 Best all-round performer Some blogs focus on quite specific areas, others are more general. Top of the accessible general blogs is MindHacks which manages to cover a wide range of areas, often in detail. This […]

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