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New book on Language coming out

Steven Pinker has a new book coming out called The Stuff of Thought which focuses on the multiple meanings in language and why we use metaphors. The Harvard professor and author of such great books as How the Mind Works and the Language Instinct takes us further into the world of language according to an […]

mirror neurons, love and longevity

The New York Times is carrying an article written by Daniel Goleman, author of Soical Intelligence. This article, entitled Friends for Life: An Emerging Biology of Emotional Healing demonstrates his readability and sheds insight into the topic of his new book: My friend was the sort of college professor students remember fondly: not just inspiring […]

Art and psychology

When I taught psychology, I liked to pepper my presentations with artwork and cartoons. Art often reveals at the subconsicous level, explores archtypes and just plain makes a presentation more interesting. Gerald Keegan has created a gallery at his excellent website. So far most of the images concentrate on visual perceptin type images so wonderful […]

Great resources online

Several universities are offering free online courses or supporting work that could help with IB Psych. I have not actually previewed these courses except for Zimbardo’s work. They are excellent. Resource: The Brain: Teaching Modules: Developed from the original series The Brain, these flexible resources offer extensive footage and research into the inner workings of […]

Optical illusions

What’s wrong with this picture? Clearly something does not look exactly the same. But what is it? Rotating the picture will help you understand better. rather than turning yoru computer, try Mighty Optical Illusions: Open this article to see the second picture. This has something to do with brain recognizing the faces… am not sure […]

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