revising the site and some plans

Okay, if you visited before you will notice a much cleaner interface…this is phase one of the site review. It includes:
A tidy-up of the front-page
an clean-up of of the links
and the addition of the three tabs at the top of the page:
About–gives some background and links about IB psych in general
Extended essay-specifically about writing teh extended essay in psychology
Review-ideas and links for reviewing for IB exams.

Phase two will be a complete redesign of old (but good) content focusing on the key core perspectives and a couple of options:

Phase three, I will aim to post once a week a more specific review tip for a particular area of the IB exams.

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How does the brain work? in five words or less?

SO asked Steve Colbert to Steven Pinker, the Harvard Psychologist and author of the Blank Slate. His answer actually is increadibly perceptive and insightful–and five words. Steven Colbert is Comedy Central frontman that gives a fox-ist newsshow. Watch the video over at Pure Pedantry. Good humor with some insight.

Notes on the extended essay

This week I had a couple of students approach me about being their extended essay supervisor. I always enjoy the process of exploringa topic and why they have chosen it. However, three different students all indicated they are interested in conducting original research. The subject guide to IB Psychology still states that conducting research is to be discouraged. Something in the back of my mind niggled at me. Aside from the fact that students would not be sufficiently prepared to conduct research, I thought IB actually prohibtted it. So I checked with another examine, who checked with the subject manager: Research is NOT to be conducted. In fact, students will be penalized.

So, if you are planning your extended essay in psychology, stick to a thorough research review.