Guide to psychology blogs

PsyBlog has a great annotated list of psychology blogs:

PsyBlog | Psychology Blog: Guide to Psychology Blogs – Part 1

Best all-round performer
Some blogs focus on quite specific areas, others are more general. Top of the accessible general blogs is MindHacks which manages to cover a wide range of areas, often in detail. This is really the best all-round performer the psychology blog-o-sphere has to offer. Largely written by a psychology PhD now training in clinical psychology – MindHacks is frequently updated, sometimes two or three times a day. This is your first stop.

Best established cognitive psychology blog
Two joint winners in this category. First is Cognitive Daily which makes complicated topics in cognitive psychology look easy. Great writing, loads of content, a knowledgeable audience of commenters and graphs you can understand. It’s frequently updated and wide-ranging but mostly within cognitive psychology. Co-produced by a Professor of psychology.

Second is Mixing Memory which tends towards longer less frequent articles. Written in an open conversational style, this blog tackles all kinds of subject, generally getting stuck into the details. Best for people with a background in psychology but still very accessible.

Best multimedia psychology blog
Channel N has links to all kinds of audio and video files. It’s only updated every now and then (who am I to talk?) but worth returning to. Here’s links to an interview with Kay Redfield Jamison on suicide and V. S. Ramachandran talking about neuroaesthetics.

Best psychiatrist’s blog
While the tag line of The Last Psychiatrist is ‘depression, bipolar, suicide, drug companies and medications’, this blog certainly won’t cause any of these conditions. Well, at worst you’ll want to start your own drug company. This provides a much needed critical approach to all the above topics and more. Less frequent but longer posting. Recommended.

Best humorous (but still scientific) psychology blog
The danger with mixing science and humour is slipping into the ‘geek trap’ where clever people try to be too clever. Omni Brain easily avoids this. Funky finger pictures on this post about sexual orientation and finger length.

Best newcomer
The Phineas Gage Fan Club, named after one of the most famous cases in neuropsychology, is a new blog (to me) written by an undergraduate at the University of York. This clearly written blog focusses on neuroscience and psychology. It’s still grappling with the question of whether to pitch articles at experts or novices. Hopefully it won’t go too far towards the expert. We need inclusive science explanation everyone can understand.

» Part 2 has a look at some more newcomers to psychology blogging, accessible neuroscience blogs and much more.

» Part 3 now available which uncovers the best social media sites for psychology and points you to more of the best psychology blogs around.

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