Primary sources

Primary sources is a great collection that bills itself as the Psychology in the New Millennium! Presently it contains 19 classic experiments often used in IB psychology:

1. Behavioral study
of obedience
by S. Milgram
2. Positive reinforcement
produced by electrical stimulation of the septal area
and other regions of the rat brain
by J. Olds
& P. Milner
3. Brain signal shown
to move a robot’s arm
by Sandra Blakeslee
4. Writings on Evolution
by Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace
5. The “visual
by E.J. Gibson & R.D. Walk
6. Some observations
regarding the experiences and behavior of the BaMbuti
by C.M. Turnbull
7. Experts explore
deep sleep and the making of memories
by Sandra
8. Conditioned emotional
by J.B. Watson & R. Rayner
9. Superstition in
the pigeon
by B.F. Skinner
10. Cognitive maps
in rats and men
by E.C. Tolman
11. Transmission of
aggression through imitation of aggressive models

by A. Bandura, D. Ross & S.A. Ross
12. Effects of decreased
variation in the sensory environment
by W.H. Bexton,
W. Heron & T.H. Scott
13. Cognitive consequences
of forced compliance
by L. Festinger & J.M.
14. Civilization and
its Discontents-an excerpt
by Sigmund Freud
15. A therapist’s
view of the good life
by C.R. Rogers
16. The nature of
by H.F. Harlow
17. Objective responsibility:
clumsiness and stealing
by Jean Piaget
18. Opinions and social
by S.E. Asch
19. Bystander intervention
in emergencies: diffusion of responsibility
J.M. Darley & B. Latane

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