No, we have not created any of our own podcasts (yet), but here are some excellent ones worth listening to:

Shrink Rap Radio is an ongoing series of interviews with interesting pscyhologists at Sonoma State University and elsewhere.

Dr. Ed Beckham provides reading regarding coping with psychological issues using commonly accepted psychological principles. This information is general in nature, and no advice is given for individual problems or issues.

Arjen ter Hoeve’s Mind Podcast aims to “tell you more on what I am learning. Not just telling you what I learned, but giving YOU information on interesting psychological things.” A university student learning psychology.

Adam Ronscavage’s AP psych podcasts have relevance to your your IB studies.

Jay Ingram’s theater of the mind is just excellent

UV Berkley has some online courses:

General psychology

Social Psychology

Human emotion

College of Dupree’s general psychology podcast

Brain science podcast

Intro to psychology podcast from portland community college

Abnormal psychology at College of Southern Idaho.

and finally:

Psychology Memoirs and Biographies Podcasts offers really insightfull interviews with authors of different biogrphies focused pn psychology personalities or different psychological ocnditions.